Me And My Kardashian Escapades

My family might not be rich nor famous, but we belonged to a well to do one and my parents would always say that we have a name to protect. That have been instilled into our minds since we are small, and we have carried it till our adult life. My girlfriends would always suggest to take photos after making out, or even just tucked in bed under the blankets but then I would always avoid it or decline as the words of my parents would always comes whispering into my ears. 

My girlfriends would always tell me that I am kill joy or a loser as I do not have anything to lose since I am the guy here if ever the photos got leaked out, but then I would always try to say that it is not proper or something like that. After the Kim Kardashian scandal leaked out, and knowing that she earned millions from it from the lawsuit plus made her famous and reached stardom in no time, it opened up my mind to a whole ne experience. It changed that way I see things, and at least I now lived in a carefree life, I get to enjoy things that I always would be cautious upon. 

When I am in public these days, I would enjoy more and do not mind other people as long as they do not mind us either. I now would allow my girlfriend to take our selfies kissing in public and finally they would say that it is about time that I learn how to enjoy life. I would even allow them to take our photos now inside our bedrooms, that Kim Kardashian scandal made me a more bold and daring person and I learned to enjoy life and embrace things in random.


Hatchet Is Perfect For Survival Needs: The Ultimate Guide

Hatchet is one of the campers’ essentials apart from the pocket knife. It has several benefits which new campers must consider. If you belong to the new campers, you need to read this article to understand the importance of owning a hatchet.

Creates fire

You may think about matches and flint striker in creating fire. In this modern day, it’s the fastest way to create fire. However, if there are chances that you left your fire-producing paraphernalia, the hatchet can save you from darkness and coldness.

The hatchet can easily create sparks by striking it against a rock. It may require you a lot of effort but it easier than the style used by the caveman.

Wood for splint

There are times when accident happens and you need to administer first aid. If it happens that you suffer fractures in the bones, you need to create a splint to avoid making the condition worse. To create a splint, you need to choose the best cut of wood in the nearest area where your camping site is located. If there are no wood available, you need to produce by using a hatchet. A pocket knife is not perfect for the work as well as the axe.

Winter aide

In case you plan to camp for winter, the hatchet will help you cut the ice that may hinder you. It works like a fixed blade knife but it is more efficient in cutting the hard snow. It’s a handy tool so you do not need to worry about its weight especially on the winter season.


The back end of the hatchet is perfect for survival needs works like a hammer. It means that you don’t need to bring a hammer in your bag and even a tomahawk.


Plumbing Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Plumbing can really be a hard task especially if you’re doing it by yourself. It’s even harder when you don’t have knowledge about plumbing. The most case would be is that you hire someone else to do it for you. That is ideal but can be costly. There are a couple of things to make your life easier when it comes to plumbing however people have the tendency to do it themselves simply because they don’t want to spend too much. If the problems are that severe, then getting professional people to help is always the one of the best solutions.

How to make plumbing easier

  • Easy plumbing can also mean not to do any plumbing. In order for your pipes and tubes not to break easily, try getting the best materials out there. These would include iconel 600 pipes which are perfect for simple or heavy duty plumbing.
  • Just as we stated earlier, you can always call some help from professional plumbers or those that are knowledgeable in the field. They may cost a bit but it makes life a whole lot easier.
  • If there are mild damages which you can fix the by all means do so. It saves time and money in the long run but regular maintenance is still something that you can do with it.

Why some people find plumbing hard

  • In some cases, people aren’t just familiar or knowledgeable with the field. They can do very little with it and mostly make mistakes in the long run.
  • It isn’t a very easy task so to speak but can be doable through practice. Perhaps people just don’t have the time to invest on practicing and who would unless it is their profession.

Plumbing is hard but when you have the resources and the knowledge, then it doesn’t have to be so hard at all.